As our online shop has some products that may not be suitable for everyone to use their personal data when ordering, it is perfectly possible to order even more privately and anonymously. First and foremost, we assure you that when ordering, no one is interested in your personal data as such, but the data is needed purely to complete the order. Send the parcel machine door code to your phone/email.

Secondly, we encourage you to give as little information as possible about yourself in any online shop, but only as much as is necessary to complete your order. For the same reason, we do not ask for our customers' real names. We basically only need a working telephone number to which an SMS with the parcel machine door code is sent.

A working e-mail is an added bonus, as we will send you a tracking code to track your order, plus if for any reason the door code does not arrive by SMS, you will receive it by e-mail

How to order anonymously?


When placing an order DO NOT ENTER YOUR REAL NAME. For example, use the prefixes of your name, any letters, any words like Mickey Mouse, Mister X, A O - whatever. We don't need your real name because we mail to a parcel machine. The reason for the name field is only to make it easier to identify the recipient later, for example if the parcel is returned (the customer does not pick up the parcel from the parcel machine within 7 days).


Do not use your email. If you want the utmost privacy, make a brand new email. If not, use your "other" email. Yes. Really, we could all have a "second" email, which we use for example in e-stores and so on.

Firstly, there is security. This 'other' email is associated with irrelevant websites, online shops, etc. and if passwords were to be leaked, this 'other' email cannot be directly associated with you. Second, of course, is plain spam. Many online shops, less reputable sites, etc. send out too many newsletters, which are tedious and time consuming to delete. Let that "other" email collect the spam.


If you want to make sure your phone number is not tied up, buy a calling card for just a few euros. Once your order reaches its destination, you will receive an SMS with the door code.

To sum up:

  • You do not need to use your real name!
  • You can use a "different" email
  • You can also buy calling cards

Combine all three and you get complete anonymity.

What do our packages look like?

All products are sent carefully packed in a security envelope or cardboard box. The security envelope/cardboard box will have a perfectly normal Omniva, Itella or DPD parcel card on top. The parcel card contains the name, telephone number and e-mail of the recipient. For example, if you use the name Mickey Mouse when ordering, the recipient is Mickey Mouse, and if the email address is, this email address is also on the parcel card.

The parcel label also indicates our SOURCE. But the sender is neither LSHOP OÜ nor, but the address, which is Kuma tee 2 at the moment. Therefore, there is no way to tell from the parcel card who the sender is and what the contents of the parcel are.

The only way to find out what's in the package is to physically open it. Because our packages are very carefully packed, you have to make an effort to open the package and it will not fall apart during transport. This is also because we always want our customers to receive high quality goods that have not been damaged, bruised or otherwise compromised in transit.

Our shop is safe and reliable

So, all in all, our online shop is a safe and reliable place to make your intimate purchases. Your data is carefully protected. You don't need to enter any of your details because we don't need them.

Our packages are also very well packaged. In addition, you can also be sure that you will receive a high quality product, not a product that has been run over like a tractor after transport, with the packaging bruised, broken and the contents visible.