Parchelmachine instructions

All orders placed in our e-shop will be delivered to the desired parcel terminal. A parcel machine is a very convenient way to receive your parcel without queuing. If you have never ordered from a parcel machine before and have no experience, there is no need to worry as it is very easy.

How to choose a parcel machine?

At the time of checkout, select the country to which we will send the parcel (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden). Then choose your preferred parcel service provider. Omniva, Itella or DPD for Estonia, Omniva or DPD for Latvia and Lithuania, Smartpost or DPD for Finland and DPD for Sweden. Then select the appropriate parcel terminal from the drop-down list.

It is worth mentioning that Omniva and DPD parcel machines are always located outdoors, while Itella machines are indoors and therefore Itella machines are accessible when the shopping centre is open. For Omniva and DPD, the machines are open 24 hours. Read more on delivery page.

Once you've chosen the right vending machine and you've completed and paid for your purchase, all you have to do is wait while we carefully pack your order and send it on its way. Orders placed before 18.00 on weekdays will be posted the same day and will usually reach the recipient within 1 working day.

Once we have posted the parcel and it has arrived at its destination, you will receive an SMS and/or an e-mail with the parcel machine door code.

Parcel machine door code

Once you've received the door code, go to the parcel machine where you placed your order. The location of the parcel machine is also shown in the same message as the door code.

At the parcel machine, tap the touch screen and select Package delivery. Then enter the door code and open the locker. The cabinet door will open, take out the parcel and close the door.

This is exactly how simple or complex it is.

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