Earn money or get free lingerie

Would you like to receive the laundry in our range for free or earn money? If so, join our programme. All you need to do is have any personal social media account, blog or other public account with at least 1000 or more followers in Estonian.

Then contact us by writing to support@pesu24.ee and describe your blog, social media account, etc. and be sure to include a link to your social media page, blog, etc. We will then contact you.

If everything works out and we reach an agreement on the terms and conditions, we will pay as agreed for photos published on social media, blogs, etc. that feature our products, mention us / include a link and meet other terms and conditions.

It should be noted that all such photographs belong to us and may be used for commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed. For further information please contact support@pesu24.ee

No blog or just want free laundry?

If you don't have a blog, social media channel or similar, or don't want to post photos of our products on your social media account, you can also be an anonymous product tester (model) and reviewer. In this case, please feel free to contact us at support@pesu24.ee.

Once we have agreed on the terms, we will send you the laundry completely free of charge, for which we would like to receive accurate evaluations with product photos. We use the ratings and photos in the product galleries and in the reviews section.

The model appraiser can be completely anonymous, as his or her name will not be published publicly. Also, the photos do not need to have faces or other recognisable marks, but can be standard selfie-style photos and even if there are recognisable marks, they can be blurred, cropped or otherwise removed if desired without compromising the overall quality and purpose of the photo.

If the product photos and ratings are suitable, there may also be an opportunity to be remunerated as the cooperation continues, starting from the first rating.

The anonymous reviewer-tester does not need to be a "supermodel", have the right photography equipment or experience - just be ordinary and have a regular smartphone. For more information, please feel free to contact support@pesu24.ee.

How exactly does the programme work?

As each agreement is different, it is impossible to give exact figures in general terms, but in principle the programme works as follows:

  1. contact us at support@pesu24.ee;
  2. Describe your desire, blog, platform, want to be an anonymous model tester, etc;
  3. we'll contact you and if we can reach an agreement, we'll send you free laundry;
  4. then post the photos on your social media page, blog, our page, etc. as agreed;
  5. if the conditions are met, you will receive the corresponding remuneration / compensation.

All the conditions will be agreed individually. Feel free to contact us at support@pesu24.ee.

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