Returning / Exchanging

Kuidas tagastada? Pesu24 tagastamine ja tagastupoliitika

As our product range exclusively consists of intimate body wash (intimate lingerie) and some intimate products that are not suitable for return for health and hygiene reasons, therefore for open products the 14-day return policy does not apply. 

The 14-day right of return only applies to products if the product is unopened and security stickers intact. In addition, the product must be in its original packaging, the product/packaging must not have been damaged, rendered unfit for sale or otherwise reduced in value.

If the product is opened

Once the product is opened, the product is no longer available for exchange or return. All our products are labelled with security stickers and once the security stickers are broken, the product is no longer returnable.

Open products cannot be exchanged or returned for health and hygiene reasons.  This is also explicitly stated on the website of the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority (CTA). 14-day right of withdrawal chapter.

If the product is unopened

If the product is unopened, the product is subject to a 14-day right of return according to the law and the exemptions of the CTA and can be returned and exchanged.

If the product is unopened, the security stickers and packaging are intact, and the product has not been otherwise damaged or rendered unfit for sale, you can return or exchange the product to us within 14 days.

To do this, feel free to contact us or write us at and we will give you precise instructions on how to return the product.  The cost of returning and exchanging the product is borne by the customer.


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