How do we deliver? Pesu24 delivery and packaging methods

If you've already placed an order or are about to do so, you'll definitely be interested in delivery options. In particular, delivery price and speed. Also perhaps packaging and anonymity. 

How do we deliver?

We use the services of parcel machines and Omniva, Itella and DPD parcel machines are available. We deliver to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Sweden, and you can choose the country and the machine at the checkout when you make your purchase.

For Latvia and Lithuania, we ship to Omniva or DPD parcel terminals and the shipping costs €8.90. In Finland, we send to Itella Smartpost or DPD parcel machines for €10.90. In Sweden, we only send to DPD parcel machines for €9.90. In Estonia, we send to DPD, Omniva and Itella parcel machines for €2.90.

Shipping is free of charge within Estonia for purchases over 60 euros. We do not offer free shipping to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden.

Pärast riiki, pakiautomaadi valimist ja ostu vormistamist läheb Teie tellimus töösse ning postitame esimesel võimalusel. Tööpäeviti enne 18:00 tehtud tellimused samal tööpäeval ning muud tellimused esimesel tööpäeval.

Once the parcel has arrived at its destination, an SMS and/or e-mail with a door code will be sent to the parcel machine. Therefore, use SMS and/or e-mail correctly. If you do not have experience with parcel machines, please check our parcel machine user guide. Using a parcel machine is very easy.

How fast?

Vastus on lihtne: väga kiirelt! Täpsemalt kõik meie kaup on Tallinnas laos olemas ja tööpäeviti enne 18:00 makstud tellimused postitame samal päeval. Meie statistika järgi (1. jaanuar – 30. aprill 2021) jõudis 94% saadetistest kliendini järgmisel päeval.  Seega 94% tõenäosusega makstes tööpäeval enne 18:00, saate toote kätte juba järgmisel päeval.

Kindlasti tahame rõhutada, et tellimuse esitamisel ja maksmisel on väga suur vahe. Ainult makstud tellimused ehk kui laekumine on toimunud meie kontole enne 18:00, siis need tellimused postitatakse samal tööpäeval. Seega soovitame kasutada alati pangalinke. Loe täpsemalt miks seda soovitame, meie payment page.

Of course, exceptions prove the rule. Inevitably, deliveries are delayed at Christmas. The same was true during the COVID-19 restrictions, but as surprising as it may seem, the reason is not the workload of courier companies, but primarily the capacity of parcel machines. This means that parcel delivery companies are not picking up parcels fast enough and there is not enough space in the parcel machines to insert new parcels. In other words, each new parcel recipient waits behind the previous one.

How expensive?

Whether it's expensive or cheap is up to each individual, but the cost of sending a parcel is €2.90, regardless of the size of the parcel when using a parcel machine (Itella or Omniva). However, there is one exception. If the total amount of the order, or the shopping cart, is €60 or more, then delivery across Estonia is free.

How do we package?

All products are carefully packed either in a bubble envelope or a cardboard box so that the packaging is not damaged during transport. We know that lingerie is also suitable for gift giving, and it is therefore extremely important that the packaging does not get crushed or damaged.

There is also a standard packing card on the package, but the packing card does not show our sender's company, it says Laki 14a. Therefore, without opening the parcel, it is not possible for anyone to know who sent the parcel and what the contents are. In addition, if anonymity is important to you, we recommend you to also check our anonymity policy, to further increase the level of privacy.


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