Quick deliveries

All our goods are in stock. What you order is available in Tallinn immediately and there are no long delivery times. Of course, our warehouse is not made of rubber either, so there are a limited number of products - if you like something, it's worth buying it, because someone may have already arrived later. Feel free to check out meie tootevalikuga.

No long waiting times

You order a product, you pay the money immediately, but the order status still shows in processing and has been like this for days. Finally, a few days later, you receive an email that your order has been dispatched and you receive your order days after payment.

Not with us. Just be a bit more persistent and you're 94% likely to get your product tomorrow. All orders placed before 18.00 on a weekday will be dispatched the same day, and we'll send you the same day. Statistics show that 94% of the time, the parcel reaches the recipient the very next working day. Easy!

We communicate

It is not uncommon for no information to be given on the status of the order when you place it. This is not the case with us. We constantly update the status of our orders.

Once the order has been paid, you will receive an immediate notification. If the order has been dispatched by us, we will also let you know immediately. We will also provide you with a tracking code so that you can easily and conveniently track your order.

Got a question and want an answer? You can contact us on Facebook, but why go down the difficult road? We encourage you to write to us directly.  To do this CLICK HERE or write directly to support@pesu24.ee and you will receive a reply within minutes, weekdays 08.00 - 18.00. We also answer out of hours and at weekends.

We care about privacy

We know how cumbersome it is to fill in the various purchase forms, which ask for everything from your postcode to your mother's maiden name. We don't need that - just give us a working email and a phone number to which we can send an SMS door code and that's it.

In addition, we also care about the privacy of your order. We pack carefully so that no one can know what's inside without opening the package. In addition, this also prevents the contents of the parcel from being damaged in transit. Read more about how we deliver.

We are your partner!

We are your partner. Our shop is designed for the customer who wants speed, professionalism and reliability. All our products are in stock, ready for delivery.

If the first purchase doesn't work best or misses the mark completely, you can also use our 100% first purchase guarantee. You don't have to worry about whether or not their cuts and measurements are right for you when you first meet a new brand.

We hope that you will find the most attractive and beautiful goods in our selection and that you will become our partner.