First-purchase guarantee | If the goods don't fit, a refund or a new one


100% first purchase guarantee

As a rule, since it is not possible to change a piece of underwear for health and hygiene reasons, this makes it risky for the buyer to buy underwear because if the product is too big or small, it cannot be changed. We can help solve the problem and offer a 100% first purchase guarantee.

This means that if you make your first purchase from our shop and the product doesn't fit, you can exchange it on your first purchase. Please note that this only applies to the first purchase. Also, so that the guarantee cannot be abused, the purchase can only be exchanged for one number higher/lower and if the manufacturer does not have a number higher or lower than this, the guarantee on the first purchase will not apply.

The basic conditions are that to qualify for a 100% first-purchase guarantee, you must leave a review of the product you are buying and want to exchange - why the product was not suitable. In addition, as the name suggests, it only applies to the first purchase and the time condition is that it must be used within 3 days of being taken out of the parcel machine.


  • can only be used for the first purchase;
  • can only be used for one product;
  • can be used within 3 days of dispensing the parcel from the parcel machine;
  • to use, you must leave a review and an evaluation of the product purchased;
  • shipping and transport costs related to the purchase guarantee are borne by the customer;
  • only one digit is exchanged for a higher/lower one;
  • if the product does not have a lower/higher number, the purchase guarantee does not apply;
  • if the product does not have a higher/lower number in stock, you will be able to choose a similar product or until the product reaches the warehouse or the purchase guarantee is cancelled;
  • to benefit from the purchase guarantee, please email:;
  • may change the terms and conditions or terminate the offer at any time;

The 100% first-purchase guarantee is not a statutory right, but a voluntary extension of the guarantee, which is why has the option to offer or waive the first-purchase guarantee at any time.

Examples of purchase guarantees

  • You buy a product in size L/XL and discover that it is too big. This is your very first purchase. Return the product to us (return costs paid by the customer) and we will exchange the product for a S/M size;
  • You buy a product in size S/M and discover that it is too small. This is your second purchase. The purchase guarantee does not apply as this is not your first purchase. If it was your first purchase, the warranty will be extended and we will exchange the product. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
  • You buy a size S/M and the product does not fit and you want a smaller size. The manufacturer does not offer a size smaller than S/M and in this case the purchase guarantee does not apply and the product cannot be returned. Likewise, if you want a larger size than the manufacturer has specified, the purchase guarantee does not apply.
  • You are buying a size S/M and want a larger product. This is your first purchase. L/XL size is currently out of stock. You have the choice to wait until the product arrives in stock, or to buy another product of the same price or the purchase guarantee will be cancelled. The original product must be returned to us and the return shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

In order to avoid abuse of the purchase guarantee, the purchase guarantee does not apply to products where a smaller or larger product is requested which is not produced by the manufacturer in the first place. For example, if the manufacturer has the largest size XXL on the product and a larger size is requested, the purchase guarantee will unfortunately not apply. The same applies to smaller sizes if a smaller size is requested.

Other cases

Have you already used a purchase guarantee? Or something else happened. Don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll try to find a solution. We want to be a good partner to our customers and visitors, and we want our customers and visitors to be good partners to us. It is always possible to find even some compromises, but it is all about how willing both parties are to compromise.

Use responsibly

Use 100% first purchase guarantees responsibly. By this we mean that, as these are intimate products, we can no longer sell them for health and hygiene reasons. The returned goods will be disposed.

In this case, the product is essentially brand new and has only been tried once. This means that a completely new product is being disposed of, and this is not a particularly responsible behaviour from the point of view of both nature and the environment. Unfortunately, there are no other options. So always feel free to contact us before using - there are all kinds of solutions.


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